Wednesday, 18 August 2010

You ate what?? This sick egg is a sign of an even sicker sick chicken as nature puts the best the mother has at the time of creation into it's offspring The argument for blasting nuclear waste at food to prevent someone dying from a sick egg begs the question why are our animals sick? Irradiation is the new 'solution' to sickness in our food system but as the explosion of people choosing alternate medicine indicates, cutting burning and poisoning the sickness is just not the solution. Nature always had "one up" on these methods and patiently eats to kill off sickness in favour of strength. So when you choose to feed yourself animal protein take a moment to consider that the health of the animal will be feeding the state of your health. "You are what you eat..."

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

medicines and the affect on all of us

The issue of medications and the affect on all of us is one rarely discussed openly most probably due to the rights we all feel we have to be "healthy' through our doctors.
So I am going to be bold and talk not of the more subtle psychological issues of drugs that affect mental acuity and therefore what we all deal with on a day to day basis, like driving on the road with someone tweaked out on some substance, but rather the more mundane aspects that many drugs, and in particular hormonal medications and drugs with metal bases have in them.
These are entering our waterways and food systems in high levels due to our prolific taking of medications to handle issues, as the included link indicates from a doctor, that would be avoided if we just ate healthier.
"There's not a day that goes by that I dont C a patient who could potentially stop 1 of their medications if they wld just eat healthier"
The reason these substances are entering the eco system and therefore our food chain is there is still little technology to actually filter them out due to their nature and our current sewage cleaning systems.
articles like this one:
and this:
are just some of many that I have read over the past 12 years of study related to these pollutants in our eco system just adding more and more pressure on our already challenged eco systems to cope with us.
These are also contaminants that make it difficult for microbes suitable to carbon sequestration (bonding with the soil) to occur adding to our climate issues.
So although it does appear as though I am harping at the issue really even a stick of organic broccoli is going to help.
Make the change for your health, mine and those you love.
You will be amazed how much better you feel and how many pills you may be able to discard!
This is an awareness I not only believe we all have the ability to embrace, but is essential if we are all to enjoy the very real global connections we are actually in the grips of.
Take facebook for instance, it now has about 8% of the world population reaching out and connecting on it (and if you are in China though I dont know the percentage that follow it in that 1 billion sector of the planet but it has gotta be big too!)
But we obviously want to connect. We reach to do it on the cyber universe why not try and feel it in the physical universe.
Reach for a stick of celery or a flower of Broccoli and see what happens! :)