Friday, 29 April 2011

Alzheimer's and dementia

I have been thinking about Alzheimer's and dementia as the world ages...
I read a statistic that says in America every 90 seconds someone is diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's.
What you eat affects every cell in your body in some way... food for thought.
A girl I spoke to today who works in this area says that in Western Australia alone within 20 years they know there will be only 6000 beds and 25000 patients in need of high care... that means the normal hospital beds will flood first and others, younger, may miss out on much needed critical care.
It makes my work promoting climate solutions through organic agriculture and how this also ties in to nutritional needs for the brain to function more and more urgent. Always what you eat effects and connects with something else.
As dementia is apparently plaque around the brain preventing it from working, I think I like this link on natural oral hygiene


In these images (visit the site to read in more detail the colours on the right are the amount of reduced brain activity in the Alzheimer patient read here with stuff in the person's blood to show up in the scan when they are asked to see something in more detail.

The impaired electrical activity is basically plaque, like you get on your teeth, built up for various reasons like a certain PH/acid balance in your saliva is a reason some have more build up in their teeth no matter the diet and there are just as many suggested ways to remove it with little conclusive research that any one of them is really universally successful across the board.

I have to say though, that as I have studied the body for just about any illness and the various multitude of suggested solutions, they all seem to point towards clean, as in non toxic, non-pesticide ridden, healthy water, food and air with a reasonable level of exercise with lots of green vegies, lightly cooked and light, meat eating - preferably fish.

Think light and clean and it seems to follow the body will like it and if you are not willing to do that then you can compensate to a degree with lots of cleansing systems to flush the accumulated debris. I figure there are those that naturally keep a meticulous daily clean house and those of us that are just not built that way but will have a good go at it once in a while and if we get good results the good feeling, like a great meal will want to be repeated so find the method you can feel good with that cleans and heals and you may prevent it.

I have some instances of Alzheimer's in the extended family so I am pretty keen on taking a healthy go at the body and I do not like to diet so I eat almost totally organic and I love to eat! I hate to exercise so I find ways to mess it up. Late night dancing with headphones suits me... (who would have thought) and it helps me sleep - well if other sports are not an option!

Keeping happy, keeping busy, not too much screen time I reckon, and lots of fun in your life seem to be a good recipe for prevention plus avoiding as much processed foods as possible.

So keep smiling.

And eat organic!!