Friday, 31 January 2014

Well its been a while since I blogged... three years I think but I am through a long sorting out process and recently rejigged and ready to go. Take a look at my new website if you have not already would love your feedback

So I thought I would start the year off with a series of journal accounts I posted on my Facebook account as I travelled over christmas with my children of our journey through Guatemala and the people there's connection with the spirit of the land throughout the Mayan culture.

today I signed a publishing contract with Xlibris - a subsidiary of Random house and Penguin.

Coincidentally, I picked up the first hard copies I just had printed of my book in English, Dutch and Spanish! Yeah! The last two weeks I have been working with translators to complete them in time to meet print deadlines but did not quite make it with all three books in Dutch and the Chinese guy is still plugging away which means it will have to wait til I return now...all this so I could take them with me into South America this Sunday with my children... Hence also why I have been to Salsa classes these past two days... really I am hopeless at pair dancing... but oh my lots happening! very tired but super excited for the near future.

Oh and I have been sitting here for six hours working on another book I cannot seem to finish... its life draws me and tantalises me for it is my own...