Wednesday, 2 April 2014

the wedding

 Journey to the wedding..

the flowers barely make the journey as the water is not as calm as it looks today...

but my boy is enjoying being a ham for everyone. 
We have all donned whatever white we can find as in this ceremony it is indeed part of the ceremony and all the children will also be blessed and joined as part of the one family of man...

Aliex is enjoying the attention... can it be possible he can just be so cute!!!

The fire is prepared while we wait for dusk ...

 garlands are ribboned... everything is a celebration of nature

 The spiritual leader, Don Pedro dons his ceremonial robes like all spirit leaders before him in all religions.

 the couple symbolically light the fire together
they are blessed with plants

 many many chants and blessings go long into the settling evening
and are led many times around the fire bound by ribbons and flowers

the bride's mother how lovely I am deeply touched by this ceremony known the world over for its uniting of family, continuance, responsibility and love.

I and my children are now married into their family with the blessings that are given to all who  attended... i feel such deep love for these people.

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