Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Our trip to Samoa was a big eye opener, like each country we have been into with the book, the most striking thing to adapt to is the cultural differences and values.
But through it all the language of smiling seems to best communicate and our main man, Richie Vargas is just the person to achieve this with his big smile and open heart he strikes through all the peoples we have encountered with a few fumbling words often ill pronounced and in the completely wrong context!
This country has a tradition that each family owns farming land, so it is the perfect site for the book to trigger the grass roots movement we all need to happen globally if we are to reclaim our atmosphere and curb the catastrophes of weather we are witnessing develop.
Working with the NGO's (non government organizations) we were able to present the book and have it warmly received as just the tool they need to help their trainers teach the people why they need to revert to their ancestors ways and grow food organically.
Being a poor country it is only logical that they buy the cheapest food and the cheapest food happens to be reject chicken from the states. Huge hormonally enhanced birds whose hormones seem to now affect the Samoan people with may transexual men walking the street evidently so part of the culture no one even notices how odd this is or many there are. In fat the culture just accepts the changes and has these half men half women look after the children as samoans are by nature a gentle people anyway and very religious.
With funding possibly from unesco the book looks set to be translated into languages for the 25 nations this group Women in Business is presiding over. How wonderful if this tool finally begins to be used as it was intended and perhaps help some of these families and nations re empower themselves.
If funding provides perhaps Richie and I will travel into the largest 'village' in need of these agricultural practices, 'China', where the great peoples of the globe are quickly striving to join the first world who have stripped bare the nutrients in their soil and follow blindly the push for faster yields that sicken and weaken the animals and insects that gorge on them trying vainly to prevent the on flow we are seeing in our weather... as if we are not all connected!
So far we have seen the faces of Vietnam
And in China
At the bioFach stand we took out.
On the Bund with the monks
At the world expo

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