Wednesday, 15 September 2010

the vaccine debate

The vaccine debate is one that raises many hackles and I am not about to particularily take a stand here as I feel the emotion a mother feels towards the welfare of her child and whether she has or has not created a potentially life altering effect on her and her child through one set of advice posited by many experts is indeed a point of high contention.
I will state that I spent some time researching the isssue for my own choices and read a most informative book by a homeopathic doctor of many years research, Dr. Golden Isaac, and I contributed to his research as best I could. I did not use the conventional vaccines; not due to the preservatives as mentioned in this link but rather the very basic fact that the body learns to 'decode' the world as a baby by introduction through the more gross areas of the nose and mouth, rather than pricked directly into the skin or blood stream, and therefore the alimentary canal where the body throws out all its first defenses. When it gets to the liver it decodes and learns in the battle how to survive an attack.
Of course the fact is many 'hosts' don't survive the attack and there in lies the rub. No one wants their child or indeed themselves to be part of the racial learning statistics of dying for the cause! We opt for what ever is going to give us the best one up on the constantly mutating viruses we know and love around us. ( I say love for we actually cannot do with out them and they are also what enables nature to evolve if you are interested, read one of many articles on this connection between our evolution and the vital part the virus plays in this called paleovirology.)
One might argue I took a big risk but then I have dedicated my life and my childrens' to the pursuit of health through the body of the mind and the spirit. I have had the luxury of having researched organic food for a living in its relation to health and the climate and have developed a broad stroke understanding even when the seemingly inexplicable occurs.
My father died of multiple myeloma cancer - a blood cancer. He had the means to try every known alternative cure and doctor and in the end it was a minor blood transfusion with a slight wrong blood type at a time when he was totally clear of cancer cells that killed him, but his weakend body could not endure. I watched him and his choices over five years for it is inevitibly an individual choice how one addresses life and death, and I respect the individual to make those choices no matter how wrong they are for me. I would always argue that there was a stone yet to be turned over maybe in the body but maybe more likely in the mind or the very essence of the path of the spirit. I beleive we spend too much time keeping a body alive when the spirit has another path...but that is for another place than here.
My point is that as a collective species, in studies I have read, every known vaccine was created or discovered essentially when the host (that is us) had already begun to 'learn' how to combate it and the stats where already altering. Often the vaccine just came in on the coat tails of natures' way and took the credit. So that it is proven or not, that there is a doubt as to what is occurring or not I beleive it is an imperative that one looks to ones own counsel and does what one intuits is right for you. And to opt for a path such as mine does require a lot more effort to eat healthy, to find the money to eat organically if moving to the country and growing ones own food is not an option and to find what treatment the child(ren) or oneself needs and spend the time to heal it rather than give it a pill or a salve is a big ask in these days of time poverty.


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