Monday, 25 October 2010

little girls as young as 5-6 starting puberty called precocious puberty

It was a beautiful spring weekend and I finally got a break from my city commitments to take a bunch of people out to my property and potter and spring clean while trying to sneak moments with friends for talks.
One of these proved particularly difficult as her child of 7 clung unnecessarily close to her overly emotional for a young girl with a strong out going personality and performance experience.
Finally sneaking off from her to a quiet place so her mother could talk to me about how she might afford to go totally organic on the sporadic income of a practicing actress, I was startled to find the health reason was due to this most alarming of conditions I had thought was predominately in the states.
In Australia we have had no hormones in chickens since the 60's, a main culprit of early onset hormone disruption widely held to be the cause behind many childhood early development issues due to the enormous amount of cheap, battery fed chickens being eaten. Seeing as I had two boys and for some reason an enormous extended family who also all had boys I had not been personally exposed to any instances till now of this occuring in Australia. Other health issues certainly but not this!
As a researcher of organic agriculture and all the streams of connections that link to this I am regularly asked for help on health issues as my personal journey and those of people I know has led me to a wealth of healers and streams of alternate healing methods for those dissatisfied with the traditional allopathic (conventional medicine) paradigm that often issues a diagnosis less than appealing to someone facing a lifetime of following it.
But my feeling is that unlike the medical viewpoint we are all unique and our interaction with any substance will differ from a little to a lot and it is the finding of which healing system or healer that best suit you that is the art of it. Frankly some people really suit using conventional medicine as they rarely get sick so it works for them. But as our environment, our land, our air and therefore our food sickens (hence my website title so are we. Therefore it only took a moment for me to recover from this realisation my friend had announced, to see that it had only been a matter of time before we too would be affected in Australia.
She told me how she had taken the opportunity of watching her little girl's dancing friends change costume for a performance in order to see how uncommon it was. She had been startled to see it looked as though there were more in her little girl's situation than what she had expected. She wondered if parents would even notice as many of the little girls were overweight ( another food nutrient issue) and might conceivably not realise their child was developing breasts as the age made the possibility seem ludicrous. She investigated further and asked the school teacher who said yes it was becoming common even as early as grade one or age 5.
So I am writing this blog and will keep you informed as to how I go helping my friend revert and avert this issue given that her means are limited and alternative measures are not subsidized and therefore very expensive.
I realise I am quite privileged in this world of extreme poverty and work hard to give back where I can within my ability but everyone's journey is unique and I do not vouch for any system working if the individual is not the driving force behind the recovery. This is why I give a range of suggestions in the knowledge that it has to resonate with the individual and they have to feel they are the power behind it.
I have a healer who works with a Mora machine that says he has vials that he can test a new person for their ability to be healed when they first sit in the chair! He says he can pick them mostly before they sit down and when he tests them it gives a ratio of likelhood for success.
If it is a strong 'no' he tells them he cannot help them and does not proceed with the session.

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