Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Day 3-4 of Guatemala trip

december 25- 26

We stayed at this agro tourism place called Ixobel which had huge macaw birds, a massive organic garden to source the kitchen and individual cabins or mini houses. It was so wet when we tried to hand wash and dry something it was still totally wet hanging under cover in the heat.. three days later!

these perfectly triangular mountains are often volcanoes but some were hidden temples not discovered for many years...

here we are planning the next move and taking a bit of rest time before being shown around this amazing temperate forest region

Everywhere one is struck by the green lush warmth... but the closer one looks the more one realises there is little depth to the fertility and the animals that eat from it are scrawny ill looking.

Here too the climate has affected them were now is the dry season it has rained for 4 solid months...

Even though the water is warm and sort of looks inviting, the culture has had the introduction of chemicals and now, when they wash and eat from the river that provides for them, they get sick from the pollutants they have introduced in ignorance. It is so sad to see such lush circumstances ruined by ignorance and rush for commerce.

This pic is to show the size of the bug nests... everything is big
but the soil is really undeveloped clay that holds little nutrient.... but there is so much potential!


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