Sunday, 16 February 2014

goodbye to the north... heading south

After our time on the river we said goodbye to the other half of our wonderful family with a meal of dimension!

oh and yeah... like other places in Guate this crazy shoe selection was the restaurant right next to the food selection...

See this was another cute example earlier near Flores and Tikal... entrance charming as could be

Bar and Wine selection to right.. "yes sir glass of red..."
 Oh and how would you like your soccer ball done... gift wrapped or broiled...?" hahaha too cute!

Fun indeed!... next stop the national bird and then ... Rio Negro...mmm was to be a dark passage next...

and went to the mountains again to await a trip we had added that was a wild stop of a secluded village accessible via a gunpoint, hydroelectric lake, a heliport and a boat... totally off radar it was a very confronting story that had I realised what it was I probably would not had gone but given that I did I am deeply grateful for... but that is tomorrows blog!

For now thsi was our rest days and an amusing advneture to see the illusive national bird found on every note of the currency.

Its namesake the quazales !

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