Friday, 7 February 2014

Guate day 7-9

Flores was heading under water in the ongoing rains that prevailed the past four months of what is supposed to be their dry season...

but was still a beautiful town much like a small Italian village replete with electrical over wires in a total jumble!

 Most extraordinarily is the colour ... everywhere! it is wonderful

the local healer a bit further along the road of the lake, where I went for a 'healing massage...' was a real local experience one could never have found as a tourist! 
She spent the time with me naked on the family bed shielded from the droves of her family just behind a thin cotton cloth that separated us from them, laughing and calling out instructions and scoldings to the children, all through the massage whilst yelling instructions and telling me her massage was THE most profound I had ever had! Even though I repeatedly told her I spoke no Spanish she kept up a steady conversation with me throughout it! Really it was a lovely experience.... though I dont know that it was profound it was certainly memorable. The feel of family was intimate and beautiful.  The old guy in the background (who looked better than her) is her husband who is over 90 deaf and almost blind, that she only 70 something fully cares for him.

The local butcher... on the street in full humidity outdoors by the lake... with the horses and and hygiene laws? what laws?

The children making xmas with what they have

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