Saturday, 8 February 2014

tikal... the mayan mystery in the jungle

Well it was the last two days in the northern reaches of Tikal before we headed back to poptun, collected stuff and dropped off our abandoned camping gear as the sites we were to visit were under water but he ancient city was not and it was during this seemingly innocent tourist sightings I was to experience my first sensations of the Mayan spirit world.

my camerman and the husband of our guide is such a nature lover he was simply thrilled to have the forest ranger place a local tarantula on his arm - I assumed they did not bite!

"Oh no they exclaimed if she gets mad she will bite real bad!!!"

...I stood at a Mayan fire ceremony near the centre of the temples in Tikal while the people in the tourist crowd milled about and the mayan descendants filtered in to kneel at the fire in prayer. I closed my eyes and stood with my hand gently hovering behind my sweet friend's heart space and sought to pour into her the strength, love and power i could feel building. She drifted into reverie and i listened to the energy.
It came and went like a radio station trying to tune in.
I moved away from her into the shade as the heat seeped into me from the sun and i felt the chanting incantation to the deities droning on.
My mind softened as i realised i was standing at right angles to her and then i felt though that mere awareness opened the channel to another dimension.
A sort of wild spinning vortex trying to collect momentum between us and encompass the four pyramids we stood within. It only lasted a moment but it was quite spectacular not at all anything I have since felt. And very unexpected!

Out in the centre of the lake upon our return to the hotel, we boated out to sit in a native wetland and hear the roaring of the monkeys eerie in the quiet stillness of the water.
 I am afraid I got sick of overcooked eggs and asked if I could cook for everyone... they were kind enough to let me!

Braving the canopy in this wild jungle that still has jaguar and real big cats if you are actually still enough to see one...this ride was over two miles long through the tree tops climbing up up up into the canopy to fly down again t was pretty thrilling and so beautiful!

this monstrous tree with its almost Dr Suess feathery leaves way up at the top is the national tree. you can see how it dwarfs me

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