Monday, 21 June 2010

carbon trading for farmers

It has been a long road for these carbon pioneers in Australia. They set out to make a difference and continued despite drought and hardship to put what meagre money they had where their mouths were and keep spreading the message all over country Australia to inform farmers of the possibilities soil carbon trading offers through changing their farming practices and improving their soils and human health in the bargain. Michael and Loiusa Keily are champions of message spreading. Whilst passionate scientists and quiet farmers have been trying to get people to hear what these guys have been saying these two really pushed out into the world with thier message and have made a difference. Take a look at eth link to read more about them. I met these two when I sponsored them down to Melbourne to talk to the quietest of the passion driven farming community, the biodynamic farmers of Victoria. Ironically the information they had at the time was mainly the basics of soil health which is what the biodynamic farmers have been practicing for over 40 years. These pioneers of soil health, the farmers that is, have soils that are rich in carbon some extending great distances down in the soil. Given the state of our climate and the possibilities for handling the carbon issue it is uplifting to see these results. The Keilys however have come a long way since these talks in moving government and industry towards creating a voluntary market that will encourage private investors to put money into in the farmers that could well be our saviours for not only the climate but our very health.

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