Monday, 14 June 2010

China revitalises ancient land

Take a look at this great article on land restoration in China. Ancient farming land that, like the lands around the dead sea in Jordan, were was once extremely fertile. Soil that supported life for many people until stripped of the nutrients that supported them through poor, ignorant farming methods. This we have done with our modern agricultural methods of the past 200 years on such a grand scale, to feed our expanding population, that the earth is positively burping out the carbon!
The really big issues in the world will soon be the supply of fertilisers needed to grow food the way we have been doing it. The known supply f mined fertiliser being estimated to run out by 2050. So current farming ways are simply not sustainable. Food security will become the biggest global issue unless we embrace listening to the soil and using our amazing capacity to innovate and adapt with nature instead of in spite of her.
The great news is that now governments and the peoples of the earth are starting to listen to those individuals who are great at the ways of the soil because they know how to listen and observe.
The big difference is that we are gradually comng up with the science to 'prove' what they intuit and there is some signs that governments are starting to listen to the information.
Maybe there is hope for us after all?
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