Saturday, 19 June 2010

light thought and your own power

If you light a match in a black room, you will see just how much light it sheds. So never forget how much light you can give off when everything is dark around you. That is my feeling anyway... I hear a lot of negative in the world; the news, politics etc. And whenever possible, I observe people like to find fault with even tiny points in what I have to say. Whether it is totally accurate or scientifically proven is for me at times, somewhat irrelevant as I believe in the power of the human spirit. I believe in me. I believe in us. I believe in us both as an extraordinary species with not only the biological ability to adapt but the most wonderful ability to create and survive and create again in the most dire, most black and bleak of experiences. Sometimes I feel as though we put forth the darkest paths simply to see what else we can out create of the problems presented. I agree it is perhaps not the most uplifting or enlightened of paths we seem to continue to walk. And I see more and more degradation of the human spirit; the expression and desires of the peoples of the planet appear darker and darker, more and more hopeless. Yet still I come back to my first analogy. Where we create no hope we are always potential 'matches' to self strike and remember what we are and the power of our ability to think, to create futures and to realise them step by step. I see the climate as the single most unifying human experience in my lifetime and an opportunity too good to miss to ignite 'spirit matches' all over the world that have remained dormant without hope for too long to remember themselves. No matter the economc situation, we all have the power of thought.

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