Wednesday, 30 June 2010

the gene, the spirit, the mind and you

I love this link. The ever expanding science that comes closer and closer to explaining the inexplicable. Why one child with a genetic trait expresses it in the same family and another does not? It is wonderful really that we get there... eventually but really it is not so hard to step beyond these boundaries and realise that if you can imagine it it is possible and it will merely take time to find the reason why it is so.
For surely by now we have some inkling that our bodies, our environment and our very existence is but a reflection of the inner world that is us. If you can imagine the world as a single sentient entity with us, the plants and animals and everything I have failed to mention, like the very same world that inhabits or rather co-habits in and on us as the microbe world does, it begins to look more likely that the climate is merely a sickness or an imbalance of one of these factors expressing itself.
This scientific animation that explains the genetic code and its expression in an elegant and simple manner, somehow triggers in me the memory of how elegantly everything ties into one another and that there really is no separation from thought and expression on and in the physical universe.
That I might think a thought and it manifests around me seems only dependant on the convening factors that stand its way of expression or behove it to be expressed. Almost as if it taps into the "twitter theme" of the day and goes yeah lets have it! We all want that today!
It harkens back time and again to the very real power we all possess within us to create change with our thoughts and provides me with a surety that it will be so simply because I believe so totally in the human spirit.
So think a thought to day and express a gene, as yet unrealised within you, tomorrow... it just may be there waiting for you to release it.

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