Monday, 28 June 2010

Food matters:sickness, in humans and the earth.

Food matters a video about how food in the US is manipulated and causing sickness, in humans and the earth.
Another shocking tale... I am almost loath to post this is hesitation one might get the idea I am a fear monger where, in fact, I believe in the exact opposite so I thought to also post some comments on why I am averse to too much on the atrocities that are in play.
For instance the reality in America is that the FDA ( the US Federal Drug Administration) has become involved in the certification process for organic agriculture. So, as there is some controversy over its independence and possible conflict of interest, it stands to reason that there may some skepticism develop in an already chagrined and bitter public that there is any point in paying more for an organic item when there is potentially no way of proving it is any better than its conventional counterpart.
Now I have done research in this field for over 12 years now and attended forums, expos, conventions etc all over the world and I gotta say the organic industry as a whole is the most passionate group of people you are about to meet. And nobody cares more about their image being abused by such an event they do. After all, many have devoted not only their lives but those of their children and extended families to a lifestyle of dedication to a cause that sees them with a great deal less money and doing without than their counterparts.
In order to get around these dilemmas I recommend a little time taken to develop a relationship with whom you buy from. If you are able to be a regular you will see many retailers go out of their way to inform you if you keep asking questions. Like, "do you know the farm where this is from?" , is there any literature from the farmer and his family - many organic farmers produce a small flier or have some info on what they believe in. But mainly it comes down to taste.
Even a passionate farmer can be lacking in expertise and awareness of what it takes to make their land yield nutritious food.
Healthy food should taste better.
The plant will produce more sugars if there are abundant appropriate microbes in the soil to provide the minerals that the plant turns into sugars.
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