Sunday, 27 June 2010

from Food inc:"You can change the world with every bite"

This movie, Food Inc. which has become a huge internet, a must watch is much like the anti Macdonald's documentary Super Size Me, and the vegetarian maker Earthlings
All three are powerful visual stories of the atrocities at play with our food, the animals we eat and plants that supply them. Now, before you watch them know this they are not for the faint hearted and they are intended to hit you where it hurts to galvanize you to action.
If, however, you are at all like me, although you may want to be aware of the information contained therein it is more important to know what small action you can do and are willing to do with in your time and means that will affect change because it is very easy with these things to become overwhelmed with the enormity of the task and just feel hopeless and totally pointless about doing anything. And that is simply counter productive!
I was passionate and moved to do something without ever seeing these movies and although I have seen them, I had already come across most of the content in some form. I watch these shows and yes, I do feel incensed, but I also feel a little hopeless and that is just not going to get any one anywhere. So if you are a bit more of a gentle character, just stick to the fact that there is some dark stuff going on and it is a good idea to try and take even one small step towards a greener future. It may mean just one stick of organic broccoli a week for you, your family or friends for dinner.
But, as the saying goes in this issue:
"If you eat you are involved."

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