Friday, 25 June 2010

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Although this video is about pain, healing and compassion - and you may ask what that has to do with the climate issue - healing is exactly what I feel the planet and the tumultuous climate is saying to us. It must surely be time to heal our disconnect, our rift with nature in our flat out thrust to experience the wondrous potential that is our creative ability? Perhaps now that technology is here, this is where our greatest creative thinkers have gone? No longer in the visual arts? Where are our greatest leaders and thinkers? Are they in the marble yards or painting studios? Where is the next audience for the artist? Is it not here on the internet? I watch the children and see their discovery, their wonder at what is created and it is a far cry from the wonder of nature which moves too slowly and organically for them. But surely there are parallels to be found and beauty to be embraced and incorporated that even these speed addicted minds might embrace and find fascinating? For it is from nature that our scientists have their greatest discoveries in medicine, exploration, and so many inventions. So take the time to review this beautiful video and pause to reflect on the possibilities before an around us.

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