Tuesday, 8 June 2010

launching sick climate wesbsite whilst in China

Hi this is my first blog so I will probably ramble.
We launched the website www.sickclimate.com while we were in Shanghai doing a completely wild idea as only artists and passionate people tend to do.
Richard and I went to Shanghai having spent a great week in Vietnam, a first for both of us exploring the culture and getting a feel for whether there would be any interest in the issues we were bringing to them on food and how it related to the climate and global warming.
The people in Vietnam were warm and happy, riding mopeds with every part of life seemingly upon the bike with them. We were struck by how clean the air was despite the huge volume of people. We were told that for the 9 million people in Saigon their were 2 million mopeds and that to get work one must own a moped! The cost of one was about a full years salary for the average vietnamese so they are a central part of their lives.
Check out the facebook page to see videos of them it is quite an eye opener:

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