Thursday, 17 June 2010

chemicals to be reduced

It is always good news when one reads tat a certain pesticide or chemical fertilizer is to be discontinued. The worrying part is what they will replace it with rather than improving the plant health so it can resist the creatures that aim to clean it out of the environment for us mammals so we only eat the healthy stuff.
From all my research in Biodynamic agriculture and organic ag it still appears that health in general its determined by the listening ability of the farmer to the needs of their land and the health of the plants and animals they nurture. If they are good at it the things they grow are healthy ad they do not need to cut burn or poison as is the way of conventional a medicine both on the land and in humans.
Just as the naturopath and homeopath seek to find out why the patient is ailing and address that, the farmer does the same with their crop and creatures.

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